Autark Runner – The construction

Woelcke Autark Runner 4×4

Why an Autark-Runner 4×4 from Woelcke in D-Heimsheim? Why no Explyoryx, for example? Very simple! The Woelcke company in Heimsheim builds motorhomes, 4×4 camper vans and expedition vehicles (almost) entirely to customer specifications.

We had our own ideas about the interior. This had proved its worth in the predecessor Mercedes Sprinter Camper, which we converted ourselves.

The main criteria:

  • Large, wide bed (195 x 192 cm)
  • Sleeping lengthways without having to “crawl” forwards on your elbows
  • Small seating area
  • Large cabinet system with custom drawers for photographic equipment
  • Shower that works while traveling, so it can be used
  • Large rear storage space
  • Frost-proof waste water tank
    (Winter camping, Ice-cold nights in the desert winter)
  • Storage space for second toilet cassette
  • 3.5 tons total weight (for the national parks in southern Africa)
  • Possibility to load up to 3.8 tons

These criteria are met with our Autark Runner. On the following pages we describe our Autark Runner based on the Mercedes Sprinter.

Construction process

1 – Start of construction

We meet at Woelcke in Heimsheim. We can ask Mr. Woelcke questions about the construction and expansion and raise other concerns. The entire construction and construction process is discussed.

2 – Construction meeting

Some of the interior fittings have been provisionally installed so that specific questions about the fittings can be discussed directly with the carpenter.

3 – Construction meeting

Construction is progressing slowly. We are afraid that we will receive the vehicle later than planned. Further details will be clarified with various employees.

4 – Construction meeting

Joy reigns! – The project is now taking shape and we are confident. After all, we can already see very clearly what our Autark Runner will look like one day. But there is still a lot to be done on the electrics!

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5 – Building acceptance

We want to carry out a building inspection. However, this was not possible, as too many details were still unfinished and we therefore had to wait another 4 days until completion. We were disappointed. From our point of view, a proper handover with acceptance protocol and instructions would have been important and in this price range of vehicle you could have expected that.

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5 – Handover

The handover is carried out by Mr. Woelcke personally at the border. Mr. Woelcke helps with the export and import. Then he hands us the keys – that’s it. That was a bit too little for comfort. So no official handover with protocol and signatures, no instructions either. BUT we are pleased that the agreed deadline was almost met.

Two weeks later, the vehicle is put on the road by our Swiss registration office without any problems.

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Questions ?

For questions go to the FAQ Autark Runner page.

Our Autark Runner has long since been sold. As we are now only dealing with our MAN, we no longer wish to provide any information regarding Autark Runner.

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