Bullspoort – Windhoek


The “Bullsport” farm is located in the Naukluft Mountains, not far from Sesriem. Nevertheless, the landscape here is completely different. Green predominates, especially now that it is the rainy season. The farm borders on the nearby Naukluft National Park. Several exciting hiking trails lead to different areas of the farm, including the Quiver Tree Gorge. We only have time for a walk through the wild nature, as we want to use the time for image processing.

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The communal campsite has two toilets and showers and a shady shelter. The road over the Bullsport Pass leads visibly and audibly past the opposite side of the mountain – but it doesn’t bother you, as cars and trucks rarely drive past.


An employee of the farm from the Kwando tribe in northern Namibia provides us with wood and toilet paper every day and collects the garbage.
“He hadn’t been home with his family for a whole year. He didn’t have enough money. He couldn’t travel home and couldn’t bring any money with him, but the trip was so expensive that there would be nothing left for his elderly parents …” We take pity on him and think about giving him a little something, but we verify what we have said with the farm management – fortunately. Kwando has several wives in the north of Namibia, his home country, whom he has to provide with money on a regular basis. Every month, someone else receives the money … and our pity has given way to a smile.


No, there are no pictures of Windhoek this time. Even though we spend two weeks at the Elisenheim guest farm campsite. First there was the small off-road truck meeting of some members of the truck off-road community with lots of discussions and exchange of experiences.

Wohin mit dem Gepäck während dem Tankumbau

Diesel Tank Story

The suspension of our auxiliary diesel tank has shifted. Connoisseurs quickly realize: “The tank is too low! – You can’t ride deep sand passages without risking worse”. “We need a new, smaller tank,” says Matthias. We recognize that. We had ordered a tank with a capacity of 120 liters from the dismantler – as we found out later, the tank installed by the dismantler holds 180 liters! No wonder it hangs too low! A little despondent, we set off – and find the “Bus-Builder Namibia” in the Lafrenz industrial estate. “Surely he can build a tank” we say to ourselves. The initiative Jacques lies under the vehicle and says he will help us. In two days we would have a new aluminum tank. And so it was. Fortunately, we stayed in Windhoek over Easter – and discovered that the tank was leaking. We agree with the tank builder that we will come back to Windhoek in May to have the tank repaired, so we set off for Botswana with a not quite full tank.

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