14.07.2016, Palmwag

Giraffes cross the road, a vehicle stops in front of us and a lady gets out to take a photo – we also stop so as not to ruin the picture with the dust whirled up on the gravel road. “Ah, that’s the one we allowed through yesterday, isn’t it?” A brief conversation, then we introduce ourselves to each other. We have the same destination for the day and therefore drive 100 km further to the same campsite. That’s when we meet Cathy. She is a self-confessed solo traveler with a short Toyota Landcruiser and tent, a Portapotti on the passenger seat and a laptop for work. Together with Cathy we go on an excursion to the Hoanib River to see the desert elephants. Later we meet again in Swakopmund and – she says with conviction – we will certainly meet again. Cathy sells “Herbalife” products for healthy eating. Food supplement. She is now able to make a living and travel. In her former life she was a professional hunter who helped many hunters to shoot a leopard, lion or who knows what. Today, it is clearly refraining from doing so.

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