Danja & Thorsten

27.05.2016, Namutoni, Etosha National Park, Namibia

We have just arrived in Namutoni and get a map of the national park. Outside, an adventurous vehicle in Postbus yellow is parked next to ours. A young German couple comes around the corner, smiles, greets us and we are already in conversation …

Dania & Thorsten are on their honeymoon – from Bembel Town in Germany to Cape Town in South Africa. Now that’s a great idea – a honeymoon in Africa. Much better from our point of view than four weeks in a luxury-luxury hotel on a luxury-luxury island. A trip like this challenges and brings people together. We find this extremely appealing – why didn’t we come up with this idea 40 years ago?

We meet the friendly couple again at Camp Halali and then at the Homob water point … and shortly afterwards the clutch of the desert cube (or Bembel with care) must have given up the ghost.

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