A new plan

The helplessness turns

I think of many variants and they all have a hitch, so I discard them. Verena speaks into this situation:
“Let’s go to Sudan via Iran”.
This word immediately cheers up my gloomy thoughts. Into this euphoria, however, came the latest news about Iran’s tense situation with the USA and vice versa. Can we dare to do that? We wouldn’t want to be in Iran if bombs were to fall there. Talking to a friend, we come to the conclusion that it’s just sabre-rattling and so we take the plunge and apply for the Iran visa. We can enter Turkey without a visa.

Iran visa

The Iran visa can now be applied for electronically. However, the necessary documents and the procedure seem somewhat complicated, which is why we turn to the visa service with which we have already had very good experiences, the
AVS Allvisaservice
in Berne.

For the visa is required:

  • Passport, min. Valid for 6 months beyond the date of travel
  • Visa application signed by hand
  • 2 passport photos a) without glasses and b) woman with headscarf
  • European fingerprint sheet with prints of all fingers (this was done by the forensic service of the glorious Zurich cantonal police)
  • If entering by land: Travel planning with entry and exit border points
  • Confirmation of health insurance valid in Iran
  • Confirmation of residence

The required documents may of course vary and the above list is without guarantee.

To speed up the procedure, we drive to Bern and hand in the documents to the AVS. During the waiting time, we drive into the mountains and stand on the Susten Pass.

Six days later, we are able to collect our visa in Bern, giving us the opportunity to visit our federal capital once again. Public transport is included in the overnight price at Camping Eichholz, which is very practical.

Now you’re ready to go – but where exactly?

In mid-July – so very soon – we will be leaving for Ancona, where we will be shipping to Greece. We then cross Turkey, Iran and take the ferry from Bandar Abbas to Sharja, United Arab Emirates. And while we’re there, we also want to visit Oman. Then we hope to get a transit visa for Saudi Arabia, to Jeddah, from where we will take the ferry to Sudan and join our original route.

In the meantime, the joy about the new route is great, very great. We are looking forward to driving through Anatolia to Iran and then to the spectacular sights of Iran. The “detour” – if there is such a thing as a detour when traveling, because a detour is also a path. The “detour” compared to the original route is around 8000 km.

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  • Hi Ernie & Vreni,
    Thank you very much for the English translation you did for me. Now I can understand you very well. Looks like all journeys have there challenges. May you have a safe journey to Cape Town. Looking forward to your next report.


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