MAN – The technical expansion


Back at the FÜSS expedition vehicle workshop, the first step is to pull in what feels like kilometers of cable and install the electrical appliances. We enjoy every cable more and can see for ourselves that the work here is very precise and quality-conscious.

Fresh water system

The fresh water system is being built in parallel with the electrical system. The arrangement of all the devices in a very small space is tricky – the MR 45/65 water purification reactor and the three water filters, pump, etc.

Thanks to its extensive experience, a solution is found. The 3 water filters can be removed to the front, ensuring access to the MR 45/65 behind them.

Outer tires

Only with the new tires does our MAN look like an expedition vehicle. See also under


It’s a pleasure to watch the “handiwork” being done and the puzzle coming together more and more.

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