Martin & Christin

May 19, 2016, Elisenheim Guest Farm, Windhoek, Namibia

Two friendly Germans who have settled in Cape Town. We immediately connect with each other. Martin and Christin spend many months on the road in southern Africa. Martin has lots of tips at the ready – he is full of solutions. For example, that we could clean our smelly waste water tank (gray water) with chlorine or how and where we could install locks on our driver’s cab to be better protected against break-ins.

Their beautiful motorhome based on an Australian Toyota Landcruiser with an impressive 8-cylinder engine and 250 hp and extended wheelbase is impressive. It looks a bit like a “desert ship”, but with the hull facing upwards. No wonder, it was also built by a shipbuilder in Cape Town.

Thank you for your valuable tips – we look forward to meeting you again when we get the chance.

And here you get to the website of Martin & Christin
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