Namaqua Flowers

Our residence permit for Namibia has expired. We look back somewhat wistfully on the wonderful and eventful 4 1/2 months in Namibia. But don’t get sentimental now – look ahead!

On August 12, we travel to Namaqua Land in South Africa. One of our major destinations on our trip is the famous flower blossom in the otherwise bone-dry Namaqua Land – the land where the “Nama” tribe settles.

However, the information from the information office in Springbok is very sobering: “very little winter rain this year and the rain came too late”. The lady at reception gives us little hope. “We should try the road to Port Nolloth ….” There are some flowers to be found. So we drive to Port Nolloth.


Port Nolloth

The drive over the Annenous Pass to Port Nolloth is tranquil. We immediately realize that it must have rained, because the landscape is green. After months of dry landscape in Namibia, it was a feast for our eyes. Some flowers are blooming on the roadside, but it is not the expected abundance that we have seen in pictures on the internet.

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Port Nolloth is tranquil. Some of the diamond divers’ boats rock in the small harbor.

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It’s obviously spring cleaning in Port Nolloth, because we see people in orange robes at work everywhere.

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Nababeep copper mine

The largest copper mine in Namaqua Land is exhausted and closed. The museum with the old steam locomotive “Clara” and the “Glory Hole” can still be visited. The Glory Hole bears its name because only 2 people died in the huge collapse.

A collection of old cars, or what’s left of them, on the site of the copper mine.

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Namaqua National Park

The next recommendation is: Namaqua National Park! So that’s where we’re going. And for the first time we can imagine the splendor of the flowers in good winter/rain years. Right next to the flower fields, but outside the national park, is Skilpad Farm with a nice campsite. We stay there for two nights and have enough time to look at flowers.

Unfortunately, we only have flower descriptions in Afrikaans, which is why it is almost impossible for us to find the German names – and would the classification be correct?


Kamieskroon is one of the typical supply stations en route. A few houses, a church, a petrol station … a good starting point for the Namaqua flowers.

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Biedouw Valley – Wupperthal

At a campsite, we are told that there must be flowers in Clanwilliam, where it has rained a lot. However, there are hardly any flowers in Clanwilliam – but we are told that we have to drive over the Cedar Mountains into the Biedouw Valley, where there are flowers. So we follow the hint. First we take a tarred road over the Pakhuis Pass, then a narrow dirt road down into the Biedouw Valley. But first we continue on to Wupperthal. Wupperthal is a former mission station of the “Moravian Brethren” and today belongs to the “Moravian Church of South Africa”. We stay here for three days and are even allowed to park our camper on the outskirts of the village. There was a special service in the church on Sunday, which we were allowed to attend. We even get the movie permit! That’s why there are only a few pictures here – we then describe the “Wupperthal” experience in our video “Namaqua Flowers”.

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At the time, the missionaries not only spread the Christian faith, but also provided training and work. We were able to visit some of the “branches” that still exist today.

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The shoe factory was founded by missionary Leipoldt himself. It has provided many craftsmen with work and income for around a hundred years. The suede shoes were in great demand throughout South Africa. But today, production is only on a small scale.

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School visits are often welcome in southern Africa, especially in remote areas. Of course, a smaller or larger donation for the school is also expected. It’s spring and certainly no warmer than 12 degrees. As the school has no heating, teachers and pupils also wear jackets and coats during lessons.

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Then we drive back to the Biedouw Valley to take some time to look at the flowers.

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Flowering also begins on the mountain slopes!

Beautiful Biedouw Valley! How wonderful must the flowers bloom in good rainy years? We miss the shades of blue, so far we have mainly seen orange, yellow and red, blue flowers are still a rarity for us. So we set off again, this time heading north to Nieuwoudtville.

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Children’s and youth service

On Sunday, the children’s and youth service was held in the small white church. A special experience. Today one of the teachers gives the sermon and there is a lot of singing. The service lasts two hours.

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About 20 km south of the small town are farms that open their gates to visitors during the flower season.

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Children ask us for a contribution to their school trip. O.K. everyone who stands in front of the camera gets a chunk!

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But it’s not just flowers that make Nieuwoudtville worth a visit, but also the waterfall of the Doring River outside and the quiver tree forest.

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The “open-air restaurant” Muisbosskerm (Mouse Bush Shelter), located directly on the white sandy beach south of Lambertsbay, is well worth a visit. A wonderful fish and seafood buffet – we enjoy it to the full. Cooking is done only with wood, very rustic.

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Westcoast National Park

We finish our flower hunt in the West Coast National Park, which is not far from Cape Town. A large number of visitors! Vehicle behind vehicle. That is not what we are looking for. That’s why we’ll soon be moving on to Cape Town.

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Well, enough flowering. For all those who would like to see something other than just flowers, here is a little change at the end of this part of the journey:

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