Namib dunes in Sossusvlei


“How many nights will you stay at the Rest Camp?” – “Six” I say. “How many nights will you stay at the Rest Camp?” – “Six ” – I say again. “Siiiixxx nights” ????
Incredulous amazement! “You must be a photographer!!!”.

Most visitors to Sossusvlei only stay one or at most two nights at the state-run Rest Camp of the Namib-Naukluft National Park. The black man at reception is beside himself. He said we would beat a record with our 6 nights. – Soon everyone knows about it. “These are the ones who stay 6 nights”. From the second day of our stay we get the most beautiful pitch of the Rest Camp, pitch no. 28.

Sesriem is the starting point for a visit to the world-famous dune area known as Sossusvlei. Sossusvlei, the depression at the end of the Tsauchab River where the water collects when it rains enough, is about 65 km away. However, the Tsauchab only carries water every 10 years or so. The park gate opens at sunrise, but an hour earlier for those staying at the state-run Rest Camp.

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In the morning there is a veritable “run” along the Tsauch river and into the dune landscape. The reason: everyone wants to be on Dune 45 first, especially at sunrise. Dune 45 is 45 km from Sesriem. We don’t join this “race” and set off a little later. At Düne 45 we have a leisurely breakfast with a view of the bustling tourists. Oh yes, we are tourists too!

A Spaniard who is busy taking photos (front right) comes up to us, shows us his equipment, pats us on the back “We’re photographers too”. Nice encounter!

Dead Vlei

After 61 km the tarred road comes to an end. From here, a sandy track leads another 5 km to the end. After 4 km we reach Dead Vlei – the “dead vlei”. The photos you often see in connection with Namibia give the impression that you have discovered a lonely place that only a few people visit. We really want to go there! It’s a 1.5 km walk from the parking lot on the sandy road – and we soon realize that everyone wants to go to Dead Vlei.

Even on the early morning, at sunrise, a school class is already standing on top of one of the dunes surrounding the Dead Vlei. Nevertheless, some respectable pictures are created.

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Hidden Vlei

From the end of the tarred road, heading south from the bus parking lot, the path (2.5 km) leads to Hidden Vlei. Certainly no longer an insider tip – but we . But we were all alone on the path. Incl. Photography about 3 to 4 hours there and back.

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Sand structures

We go into raptures when taking photos. The structures and shapes of the sand are unique works of art created by nature.

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And then there are the stars

The nights in Sesriem are not hot – rather cool. Our nightlife takes place on the camping chair folded backwards. We look at the starry sky and can’t get enough of it.

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The video about the video

Very private …

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