Peter & Gabi

February 19, 2016, Namibia, Lüderitz, Shark Island Rest Camp

The earth trembles. A tank on the move? An army vehicle? In any case, it’s big, the thing that – as we learn later – is called
is called. A gentleman gets out – no longer quite young and with a white beard that betrays a wise man – comes over to us. Danger for us? No, he greets us in a friendly manner and introduces himself as Peter. Later we also get to know Gabi and have the opportunity to chat. Really good conversations. Thank you Peter and Gabi for letting us get to know you. One more thing about GLOBI: it weighs 24 tons. Technology at its best. But it’s best to take a look at Peter and Gabi’s website for yourself.

Our paths are sure to cross again – and they always do. First two weeks at the Okawango and in the Tsodilo Hills – then at home, in Switzerland….

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