Recovery – Tires – Outdoor

Wheel change
1 Hazet pneumatic impact wrench
1 1/2″ socket 30 mm and extension for impact wrench
2 Compressed air hose 10 m
2 Tire pressure gauge
1 Compressed air gun
1 Torque wrench Stahlwille 721Nf, 1504 mm, integrated ratchet, 200 – 1000 Nm
1 Wheel nut wrench
2 Lifting iron 1600 mm
2 Hydraulic jacks
div. Shims for jacks
1 Wheel cross with nut 30 mm
1 Extension tube approx. 100 cm
Spare wheel crane
1 Extension Facom 1/2″ 250 mm
1 Facom extension 1/2″ 500 mm
1 Hexagon socket Facom 24 mm
1 Transition cordless drill > 1/2″ socket or extension
Tire repair
2 Tire lever
1 Tire beater
1 External tire repair kit with eels, rubber strips, insertion tool and glue
1 Inner tire repair kit with mushroom and flat patches, friction disc, vulcanizer (glue)
1 Brush
1 Silicone paste
1 Inner tube
1 Hose protection
1 Tube powder
6 Replacement valves with cover
Vehicle recovery
1 Branch saw BAHCO 4211-14-6T, 360 mm
1 Branch saw blade BAHCO 4420-14, 360 mm
2 Branch shears bypass telescopic 670-1010 mm
1 High debarker or cordless chainsaw
2 Tow ropes, breaking load 35 T, L: 8 m and 12 m
4 Shackle 1.5″
4 Sand plates aluminum (original air landing plates)
2 Sand shovels
1 small pimple
1 Axe
1 Starting aid battery (booster) 24V
1 Jump leads / jumper cables
Vehicle labeling
2 Warning triangles
1 Reflective tape at the back, red throughout
2 Reflective tape on the front left and right
2 Reflective tape, yellow, on the side
Miscellaneous repair material
Solid wire
Insulated copper cable
Insulating tape
Nuts and bolts
Threaded rods with nuts and washers
Silicone sealant
Strong adhesive (Super Glue)
Polyurethane adhesive
Cartridge gun
Textile adhesive tape
Penetrating oil spray
Tensioning set 40-50mm and straps
Water / waste water
3 Lily replacement water filter set
40 m Fresh water hose
1 Water pump + suction hose for refueling without a tap
1 Waste water hose with pipe for storage
John Guest 12 mm fresh water connector (T, Y, straight)
John Guest 12 mm fresh water pipe
Water hose fresh water system with clamps
2 Suction cup lifter for false floor
1 Telescopic ladder 380 cm
1 Stepladder (for luggage compartment)
div. Padlocks for spare wheels, sand plates, battery box, etc.
2 Sets of license plates
Camping material
2 Chairs
1 Camping table
1 Side table
1 Awning
3 Supports for awnings
div. Camping ropes and pegs

List as PDF

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