Shipping 2015 to 2017

Shipping agency

For the
shipping of our camper
we opt for the company SeaBridge. SeaBridge’s offer is complete and contains all cost items so that we can calculate. We also receive extensive information. All questions and emails are answered quickly. The entire shipping process, including the handover in Port Elizabeth, went very smoothly.

  • SeaBridge
    Wilhelm-Heinrich-Weg 13,
    D – 40231 Düsseldorf

The vehicles are shipped to South Africa, Port Elizabeth, on RoRo (Roll off, Roll on) ships of the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Line from Bremerhaven. Vehicles are dropped off at the port approximately three days before the ship departs – however, timetables can change at any time, which requires a certain degree of flexibility. The ships take around three weeks to travel from Bremerhaven to Port Elizabeth.

The current position of the ship can be via this link to find out the current position of the ship.

Here you can find out when which ships from Bremerhaven to Port Elizabeth.

Delivery in Bremerhaven

Living in the camper and at the same time having to prepare it for shipping (clearing out, cleaning inside and out, covering upholstery etc.) is too complicated for us. We therefore decide to stay
overnight stay at the hotel
. The “Im-Jaich Boardinghouse” hotel (as well as the adjacent “Im-Jaich” hotel) is ideally located close to the shipping port and within walking distance of the sea, the city center and most of the sights. A great hotel that we can highly recommend, as well as the bistro located in the same building with fine meals and desserts … The parking lot of the “Im-Jaich Boardinghouse” is suitable for motorhomes.

  • Hotel “Im-Jaich Boardinghouse”

    Am Leuchtturm 1, D – 27568 Bremerhaven
    Coordinates: 53.546989, 8.569455

What is allowed on the ship?

Subject to change – Contact SeaBridge for the latest information!
Shipping information from Wallenius Wilhelmsen (fall 2015):


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