South Africa – Panorama Road

On the road again

We have been drawn to lower regions for a long time, as it is quite cool to cold “up here”, on the “High-Veld”, at an altitude of 1300 to 1600m in winter, even when the sun is shining. Finally, all the work has been completed and we are fully stocked. Of course, we also hope that our batteries will last and reliably supply our fridge and freezer.

The“Panorama Road” is essentially the R532 in Mpumalanga. It runs along the edge where the “high field” drops into the “low field”. This area is part of the eastern Drakensberg. Unfortunately, the magnificent view in some places is obscured by heavy haze. This is not only a climatic phenomenon, but is intensified by the burning of meadows and fields by the dense population in the “Low-Veld”.

Panorama Camping

In the village of “Graskop”, we spend the night at the panorama campsite with a fantastic view over the legendary swimming pool into the gorge and on to the Lowfeld.


There are some fantastic viewpoints along a side route. The view here would certainly be much clearer during the rainy season. Nevertheless, we are really enjoying finally being on the road again “as normal”.

Bourke’s Luck Potholes

The potholes were formed by the Blyde River. They are named after the gold digger Tom Bourke, who found a small amount of gold here. Unfortunately, the extensive vein of gold was outside his claim.
We travel outside the South African travel season. Nevertheless, the Potholes seem to be an attraction for many.

The three rondavels

They are rock formations that look like three round huts – rondavels.

“The rock formations were once known as The Chief and His Three Wives – the flat top represents Mapjaneng, the chief who was famous for fighting the invading Swazis in a memorable battle, while the rondavels represent three of his troublesome wives – Magabolle, Mogoladikwe and Maseroto.”

Maru Djembe Campsite

Once we arrive in Lowfeld, we relax at the simple but very clean Maru Djembe bush camp. Maru Djembe is situated a few kilometers north of Hoedspruit.
After we descaled our water pump, it is working perfectly again – and the washing machine is also working again. Our batteries are doing their job as usual and we have not noticed any loss or irregularities.

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