STIPP-VISITE into the desert

From Kashan we want to Dasht-e Kavir, visit the Kavir Desert. There is already snow on the higher mountain peaks and it is very chilly. We protect our diesel from flocking by adding Liqui Molly. We are hoping for a few warmer days in the desert. After all, the thermometer is supposed to rise to 24° C during the day.

The journey takes us eastwards on long, unpopulated stretches, past incredible mountain scenery. Unfortunately, there is a lot of haze (or dust?) in the air, so editing the images is not easy.

At the small oasis of Ashtian there is a road to the sand dunes. Here we relax a little from the previous visits and simply enjoy the wonderful landscape around us and the peace and quiet.


The small oasis seems deserted. However, a simple farmer allows us to take a look at his camels and his small farm. We give him a packet of sugar cubes, which the Iranians need for their tea.

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