Vreni and Ernie

This is us !

Vreni & Ernie, retired since 2015 and traveling a lot! Happily married since 1976! Do the math.

Vreni (Verena)

Vreni, born in 1955, pictured above with dirty knees from 4×4 training in South Africa. Always cheerful, full of zest for action. Always worked in the healthcare sector, including a long period in a management position. Minister of the Interior, driver, motivator, photo and film assistant – patient, balanced … but also on the move. Grab hold and get to work!

Ernie (Ernst)

Ernie, born in 1950, always looking for optimal solutions, full of drive, a five-man-and-a-half type, planner and organizer. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, driver, photographer and filmmaker.

Having worked in a managerial position in the healthcare sector for over 35 years, he now enjoys the variety that traveling brings. Filming has now become his passion and he hopes to develop even further in this field.

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